Buy button in your favorite online casino store

Buy button in your favorite online casino store

December 5, 2019 Off By Deacon

The sudden growth of the Internet and its convenience can sometimes lead to a false sense of security, especially when buying goods, products and services on the Internet.

After all, when you click the Buy button in your favorite online store or online casino to complete a transaction, how do you know if it is a safe transaction? Intercepting your transactions in organizations is a reality on the Internet!

You, your card and casino.

Banking in an online casino, as well as in banks, is probably one of the safest ways in the global network when using online credit cards. Credit card purchases at online casinos use the most advanced technology in the world to avoid being intercepted by dishonest third parties and companies that are always trying to get your personal data.

When you click on this purchase button in the banking operations section of the dkicasino, information about the transaction being sent (your credit card number, CVC number, first name, last name, etc.) is sent in an encoded form to the processor. Internet banking, which can be decrypted on the host side. This is achieved using the so-called 128-bit encryption technology to encrypt and decrypt a message.

In the end, safe and secure transactions are what you, as an online casino sponsor, are looking for. All previous technical giant phrases guarantee this!

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Take ownership of your card

But, like in everything else in life, you, as the owner of a credit card, are required to protect yourself from credit card fraud and the likelihood that it will become another statistic of fraud.

This can be done by doing a few simple and not

Do the following:

  • As soon as your card arrives, sign it back to confirm that the card belongs to you.
  • Validity, account numbers, and phone numbers and addresses of your suppliers should be recorded. If you lose your card, you can contact your provider as soon as possible to cancel your card.
  • When using your card at the point of sale (point of sale), carefully monitor what the person dealing with your card does.
  • Cancel erroneous receipts.
  • Save your receipts to compare them with monthly statements to make sure your card is not used for unauthorized transactions.
  • If possible, get a credit card with a chip and a pin code. The additional security of having a card requiring a PIN code reduces the likelihood of fraud.

Do not do the following:

  • Share your card details with anyone. We repeat NO ONE.
  • The receipts and the card itself should always be in a safe place, and not just lie idle.
  • Do not pass your information over the phone. ALWAYS.
  • Read our 4 tips to guarantee your online purchases.